Using the Advanced Search to Sort and Filter Goodreads Data by Rating and Genre

November 11, 2020

A walkthrough of some common functionalities of the advanced search feature

Its Been Quiet

October 5, 2020

Yes, I haven't really been posting here very often. Turns out that like 30 people visit the site per week and this is still just a silly side project.

About the Calculations

August 19, 2020

Going over the various metrics / ranking systems on the site and how they're being calculated... Super interesting...

Most Read Books of 2020

August 11, 2020

The top books published in 2020 based on number of ratings on Goodreads.

Top COVID-19 Books

August 11, 2020

Top books published since the start of COVID-19. Not books about COVID-19. That would be less fun...

Welcome to the Blog

August 10, 2020

Not quite sure why anyone is still coming here, but I'm having fun putting the site together